Video Podcast Update

Here’s an update to my earlier list of video podcasts. Remember you don’t need an iPod to view a podcast. All you need iTunes software (available FREE at To find these podcasts go to the iTunes Store and search for the following…

(If you have iTunes already installed, clicking on the links below will start iTunes and take you directly to that podcast.)

NOVA Vodcast
– Short video stories from the PBS series
Ask an Astronomer – Real NASA astronomers answer questions like: “Can you feel solar wind?”, “What is redshift?”, and “How can we see a black hole?”
NASAcast Video – an RSS newsfeed with the latest NASA videos
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Podcast – Contains both video and audio clips
Sun-Earth Education – NASA – the sun and its effect on the Earth
Nature PBS – collection of 2-5 minute clips from various episodes from the PBS series.
CNN Student News – The same program that’s broadcast for teachers to record in the wee hours of the morning. Don’t forget to go to to download the daily transcripts and news quiz.

To learn more about using iTunes and video podcasts click here to go to my earlier post: FREE Video Podcasts for Teachers