FREE Video Podcasts for Classrooms

You know how much I love the word “FREE”. Now you can get free videos to share with your students by subscribing to video podcasts on iTunes.


  • a computer
  • Internet access (cable, DSL or something fast is definately a plus!)
  • iTunes Software (version 7 is available free at

an iPod – Believe it or not, you don’t need an iPod to watch a podcast. You can watch it on your computer. Or you can connect your computer to a data projector.

Okay, so what do I have to do?
Launch iTunes and go to the Music Store. I found some great video podcasts by searching for the following…

  • “Ecogeeks” – Science video podcasts that explain science topics in a fun and exciting way. Hosts and filmmakers are trained biologists. For more info about the episodes visit their site:
  • “Electronic Field Trips” – A series of 4 – 8 minute Webisodes from the Ball State University Electronic Field Trip Program. The current list includes videos from Field Trips to Hawaii (Volcanos, rainforests, etc.) and Historic Philadelphia (Independence Hall, Revolutionary War).
  • “isallaboutmath” – (no spaces) Covers various topics in mathematics. Good for upper elementary & middle school. Topics include: triangular numbers, summations, mathematical induction.

Not all video podcasts are available in the podcast directory. NASA’s Brain Bites are a collection of 30 second to 1 minute videos on various topics including “What happens if you drop an hammer and a feather on the moon?” and “What time is it in space?”
To subscribe to these podcasts you’ll need to go the “Advanced” menu in iTunes. Select “Subscribe to Podcast”. Type the following URL in the box and click “Add”:

These are just 4 video podcasts I was able to find last weekend. If you find any other good ones, please let me know.


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