Get Web-Inspired

Inspiration is now a Web 2.0 tool. The past few days I’ve been playing with Webspiration Beta, which looks a lot like Inspiration but works in a web browser. The best thing about this new tool – it’s collaborative. Like wikis and Google Docs, you can share your document and invite friends and colleagues to work on it too.

Above is a picture of a document I shared with some fellow teachers. I was pleased to see Webspiration gives me a couple of different ways to track the changes. You can Show History to see the progression of changes and who made them. Just like a wiki, you can view and rollback to a previous version.

Click on the Show Changes tool in the tool bar and little pop-ups will appear as you move over different parts of the document. These let you know who added that part and when the change was made. This tool can also be modified to show only the new changes since the last edit.

When you Manage Sharing you get to decide if those you invite are collaborators or simply viewers. You can also add tags to your document to help you find and organize your work or work that others have shared with you.

What would I like to see?
I think Inspiration is a great tool and that this web version takes a good tool and makes it even better. To make it work for me in a classroom I’d like to see a way to add student users without having to invite them with an e-mail address. An education version that lets a teacher create and manage student usernames and passwords would be great.

I like that you can import/export documents to Inspiration 8, but I couldn’t find a way to export the outlines as a text or Word document. I suppose I could always copy and paste. It would also be nice to be able to have a URL to your document for easy sharing with others.

The great thing about Webspiration right now is that it is FREE. I’m not sure how long it will stay this way but I hope to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Go ahead and check it out and if you’d like to share a document with me, just let me know.