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My Life as a Reader

Blog Challenge #1: Write about your life as a reader.

NOTE: I tend to take writing prompts in a somewhat skewed direction. I know this might not be exactly what the challenge is asking me to write about, but hey it’s MY blog.

That’s right. I’m an iPad. Of course I’m talented, versatile, and everybody wants me. But for this blog post today I want to focus on “My Life as a Reader” – eReader that is.

My free iBooks app is a good way to buy novels for reading in your spare time, but you did you know you don’t have to buy books from the iTunes store in order to use it?  Just about any PDF file can be added to my bookshelves. This is pretty simple to do. Just add the PDF file you want to your iTunes Library.

When you click on BOOKS in your iTunes library, you’ll see the PDF file you added listed there.

Then, the next time you sync me, that file will show up on your bookshelf in iBooks. My owner, Dennis, has found this feature very useful. Here are just a few ways this has helped him…

  • Load all your PDF manuals on your iPad. Dennis has found it pretty convenient to flip through pages of software and product manuals on the iPad rather than printing them out or flipping back and fourth between windows on his computer.
  • Free public domain eBooks are available online. Sites like Planet eBook and PlanetPDF have many public domain titles available for download. Our 6th grade teacher is using “Around the World in 80 Days” for literature class.  Kids can go online to these sites and download it for free.
  • Upload copies of your own documents or things you just want to have handy. Dennis has loaded several PDF’s  of documents and resources like the NET-S Profiles for Students and a few others. If he needs it quick, the iPad is definately faster than waiting for the computer to boot up.

As you can see, my “Life as a Reader” is full of possibilities. Give it a try. Then you can go back to playing Angry Birds.