Oh, The Things That You Know


Stop and think for a bit about all that you know.

All you can do.  You have so much to show.

Oh the strategies for using technology tools

That you’ve learned from your colleagues at all these great schools

Oh the things that you know, you just can’t wait to share.

It’s so hard to believe that others don’t care.


How can they be content with just whiteboards and books?

What’s wrong with them? Why do I get strange looks,

When I show them VR, and robotics, and code

Or digital stories they can make and upload?

When I share what I’ve learned, my heart full of pride,

They barely look up from their old pacing guide.


Why aren’t they excited and passionate as me,

‘bout the things that I know. Why can’t they just see…

all their students could do every day in their class.

If they’d teach like I teach and get off of their (backside).


Before you give up and raise your hands in despair,

Convinced  they don’t care what you have to share.

Before you tell them what you think they should do.

Stop! and consider…



You’ve found your ONE THING, that thing to ignite

your passion for learning, that makes you shine bright.

That ONE THING for you, may be different for some.

That thing that excites you, they might find ho-hum.


We’ve had a great time at this wonderful place

of sharing and learning side by side, face to face.

But for what you learn here to bring real change back there

Those who are not here must first trust that you care.


You have two ears for hearing, and two eyes for sight.

But only one mouth, and that’s just about right.

So speak half as much as you listen and see

You might learn what that ONE THING for others could be.


For some teachers it’s dancing, for some it is writing  

still others find role playing projects exciting

If they’re not into tech don’t be quick to condemn.

Just stop talking, and learn what matters to them.


Because listening and watching what other folks do

Is the only way you will learn anything new.

By listening to them, you will also build trust

and for real change to happen, trust is a must.


Building relationships here is the key.

Find common ground where you both agree

Honor their skills, they’ll respect yours in return.

And you’ll find that sweet spot where BOTH of you learn.


Give them ideas, and time off to play.

Be there for support and you will find that they,

Take what they learn and make it their own.

And show you some new things that you might not have known.


Then just step back. Let them shine in the glory.

They’ve found their ONE THING, they wrote their own story.

Their passion’s ignited, their star is aglow.

You’ve planted a seed.

Just sit back..

Watch it grow.